‘Out The Traps’ with the De Burca’s

A family affair as Seamus De Burca is joined by his Mam and Dad Jim and Doreen for a show all about the great Irish passion for greyhounds, this show wins by a length….




About emeraldnightwriting

Welcome to my blog, keeping you updated of my writing, both e-books and editorial publications. Irish based tales, descriptive prose and stories of the supernatural and traditional characters that according to folklore dwell in the bosom of the Irish night, hidden in the emerald darkness. Original stories staying true to the Irish traditions and introducing the unacquainted to some of the legends of Celtic mythology and for those previously acquainted allowing them to welcome these characters home, stories that can be enjoyed in a dark room, sipping a Guinness by the open fire, stories where the seanchai can repay the enchantment of the dancing flames reflecting off the walls by now performing for the shadows. Enjoy and welcome to Emerald Night…… Seamus De Burca
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